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Rainbow pained by children

Supporting our creative youth and community

The psychological health and wellness of our youth have been considerably affected by the COVID 19 situation.
Signs of stress, anxiety and anxiousness has climbed substantially amongst youngsters and continues to be greater than pre-pandemic despite the reopening of shops and services, contrasted to various other age groups even after schools have reopened.
Covid 19 has resulted in quick adjustments to the lifestyles of billions of youngsters and teenagers. While Covid 19 might not be as harsh and fatal in youngsters as adults, its influences on their quality of life and psychological health are not completely understood. Our therapeutic art classes in Worcester may help  overcome mental barriers and obstacles.

Rainbow coloured paints

art for all
children to have fun and make special art to keep
Adults and beginners to unwind 
Gcse and a level students to devlop and experiment 

lots of activities to suit all, to learn , to , progress , relax, enjoy 
I believe that through art , we can all benefit and unwind . small groups , tutorials , or just see what happens when you make a mess !!
Children painting a art workshop

Our goal

Here at Chillax Art Club, our main objective is to aid youngsters and adults to build self-awareness, explore feelings, address unsettled psychological problems, enhance social abilities and raise self-confidence.
Our Therapeutic art classes aim to aid  all experiencing  psychological and emotional obstacles attain individual health and wellness.


talk to me about parties , groups of friends, corporate well being, Art students progression, and anyone who wants to create in a beautiful , calm and stressfree environment